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Tri-Cities to Host Clean Energy Summit

Oct 25, 2022

Clean energy is the focus as the region prepares to host the Association of Washington Business Energy Solutions Summit November 8-9, 2022 at the Three Rivers Convention Center.

It’s no secret that clean energy has been a staple of our region’s economy, as well as a major focus of local officials to best position the community for future generations. As we’ve transitioned from the Hanford Site to expand our offerings in clean energy like advanced nuclear, hydrogen, solar, wind, and others – the Mid-Columbia has become a hub for this emerging industry.

Legislation at the state and federal levels are providing more opportunities and resources for this industry to foster growth, development and innovation.

David Reeploeg, TRIDEC’s vice president for federal programs and Hanford Communities’ executive director, said “We’ve been at this for thirteen years. We’re almost turnkey.”

Thanks to an abundance of renewable hydroelectricity, our state has enjoyed decades of low-cost energy. But with our region’s dams under attack and with new efforts to restrict or eliminate the use of natural gas, the region’s energy future is unclear.

The Association of Washington Business is bringing together leaders in clean energy from our state for the Energy Solutions Summit to discuss these topics and more. Attendees can expect an agenda that includes a keynote from Energy Northwest’s CEO Robert Schuetz, sessions on permitting and infrastructure challenges, as well as a lunch panel addressing the status of the Snake River dams.

For information on attending the Energy Solutions Summit, visit awb.org/event/energy-solutions-summit/. Registration closes Friday, October 28.

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