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Clean up Priorities

Responsible and safe cleanup has always been the objective, but there are many priorities identified by Hanford Communities that align and affect Tri-City residents, community policy, the environment and more.

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As the Hanford Site works its way toward 24/7 operations, things are changing all the time. Stay up-to-date with newsworthy initiatives here!

From Glow to Glass: The Journey of Hanford’s Radioactive Waste

From Glow to Glass: The Journey of Hanford’s Radioactive Waste

The signature radioactive blueish / green glow. We’ve all seen it in movies, and if you ever have the opportunity to see it in person, it’s eerily fascinating. But when tank waste is treated using a process called vitrification (turning waste into a glass like substance), does it still glow?

The Mythical Kingdom Beyond the Sagebrush

The Mythical Kingdom Beyond the Sagebrush

I was supposed to write a blog post about vitrification this week; but after writing it, scrapping it, and then re-writing it, several times over—I’ve decided that topic can wait. Vitrifying waste is cool and is an accomplishment worth discussing and celebrating—which is why that will be the next blog post. This week, I want to change course a little bit.

From Reactor to Recluse

From Reactor to Recluse

The River Corridor, a sprawling 220-square-mile expanse within the US Department of Energy’s  Hanford site just north of Richland, rivals the size of Chicago. Today, this majestic river continues to be a lifeline for thousands of residents in cities and towns downstream from Hanford, propelling modern energy, agriculture, transportation, recreation, and commerce.

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Need a Hanford Site history refresh? Learn how Hanford forever changed this community and the leadership that oversees today’s cleanup progress.

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