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Clean up Priorities

Responsible and safe cleanup has always been the objective, but there are many priorities identified by Hanford Communities that align and affect Tri-City residents, community policy, the environment and more.

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As the Hanford Site works its way toward 24/7 operations, things are changing all the time. Stay up-to-date with newsworthy initiatives here!

Hanford: A Visual History

Hanford: A Visual History

With a history as eventful and polarizing as Hanford’s, there’s no shortage of outlets for information and resources to learn about what’s happened, what’s going on now, and where the Site is going.

Fall 2022 Hanford News Recap

Fall 2022 Hanford News Recap

Hanford Communities is pleased to share Hanford-related news and updates through the Fall 2022 Newsletter (October – December).

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Then, Now &
the Future

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Need a Hanford Site history refresh? Learn how Hanford forever changed this community and the leadership that oversees today’s cleanup progress.

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