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Spring 2021 Quarterly Newsletter

Jun 9, 2021

Hanford Communities is pleased to share Hanford-related news and updates through the Spring 2021 Newsletter.

As a reminder, our newsletters are prepared on a quarterly basis, recapping Hanford-related events and stories that affect the Tri-Cities community.

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Representing local governments in our region on Hanford issues, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between Hanford Site cleanup and our community. We’re committed to a safe and effective Hanford cleanup, and promoting opportunities for the public to be part of the conversation. Here’s what we covered in the Spring 2021 Hanford Communities newsletter…

In this issue:

  1. “Let’s Talk About Hanford” Virtual Series

  2. Key Risk-Reduction Work Resumes at Hanford Site’s 324 Building

  3. Work to Stabilize Radioactive Debris in Hanford Reactor Basin Moves Forward

  4. Hanford Team Completes Effluent Management Facility System Handovers

  5. Training Goes “Rad” at Hanford Waste Treatment Plant

  6. Ecology Tracking Hanford Waste
    Tank Leak

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